Took 2 of the #GT #Performer with to the beach. So far more beer than riding.

Wednesday - Chiemsee - #billytalent

Geek Stuff mobile

 iBook G3 Clamshell Key Lime w/ iBood Gadget Vibeholic speaker system

Back from 1h pool time. Listening to #Slash & playing w/ the iPhone. #beer. Lazy sunday afternoon.

#Vibeholic iBood Gadget mit iBook G3 #KeyLime als Courtyard BoomBox

Outdoor Activities from my little helpers


Key Lime Bean Bag for the buntemacs Basement Courtyard

Airvent driver's site. Not installed yet.

Power supply for the iPhones and #PowerBooks in the new #camper

Cheers - TGIF

Short #ride in the sunshine. Waiting and playing wirh the iPhone apps

New Vanagon Clock? no | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Grab a quick bite before the movie. Beverage included

PowerBook Fuesschen fuer lau

Buzz: Sheriff, this is no time to panic.


Preparing the #PowerBooks for the upcoming vacation. Bad Weather Sunday

The 867Mhz G4 12" PowerBook

Jetzt erstmal Ruhe. #Metallica #DeathMagnetic & spielen mit #Hispamatic

VW Camper Accessories - Calipotti vs. Original #Westfalia Staukasten im #T3

New Camper Accessory - Check out my HipstaPrint


Check out my HipstaPrint

2 weeks left. It's getting time now ...

Burger, #Beer & #Slipknot against the rain

Beer and #DeathMagnetic against the rain. #Metallica #Corona

Sommer wo?

Rainy sunday morning - ordered some accessories for the new camper

Frei nach Rammstein - Feuer frei