Music Stat's

In the time it takes to listen to your entire iOS music collection (86:28:41),
1,298,208 people would have been born worldwide.
560,377 people would have passed away worldwide. There would be a net growth of 737,830 people worldwide.
297,934 megatonnes of CO2 would have been released worldwide.
217,924,700 Facebook status updates would have been posted.
186,792,600 Tweets would have been posted.
10,584,914,000 Google searches would have been performed.
You could have watched 172 TV episodes if each were 30 minutes long. The average garden snail would have travelled 4047.17 m. You could have walked 373.59 km at average walking speeds.
If you had a CD for each album in your iOS music collection, the CDs would stack 5.67 m tall with the CD cases, and 0.74 m tall without the CD cases.
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