Vanagon Winter Tour - Africa and back

That’s it. Our trip to Africa for a beer.

After the #westypilgriminage last fall with the westy to the end of the world, Finisterre, now a roadtrip with the VW California Beach thru Spain to the african continent.

The purpose was to spent some days in the warmth of spain and do some biking and drinking during the cold and dark time back home. So we knew we had to go deep south we used this opportunity to have not only a drink in Africa, we extended it to a full Moroccan lunch and the visit of the Hercules Caves, Cap Spartel, the Kasbah, Medina and more in Tangier.

In Tarifa we was at the southerns point of Europe and walked between two seas, the Mediterranean Sea on the left, the Atlantic Ocean on our right.

On route down south and back in Spain we spent most of the days on the the coastline.We did some singlespeed biking, enjoyed the sun, the blue sky and the warm weather. Not to forget the spanish food.

We visited the Hard Rock Cafe Marbella (#23 on our HRC List) and passed the Sierra Nevada, enjoyed New Year in Denia and had some “pirates” days.