The NewMotion iDock 1.5 for the Apple iMac G3

The NewMotion iDock 1.5 was a rotating dock for the Apple iMac G3. The iDock was a swivel stand for your iMac, raising it a few inches with a side-to-side swivel. A floppy drive was included and a USB hub was installed. On top of it, there is a USB - to PC-serial - converter build in. It wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing accessory for the iMac but at least it had the iMac look that was popular at the time.


- Stand for iMac swiveling left and right

 - 3-port USB hub

 - 2 port USB - Geo (Mini-Din 9pin) Compatible with Serial port

 - I-port USB-Parallel (D-sub 25pin)