A powerful duo! Apple Works and the Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo

The Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo, released in 2000, and AppleWorks were a powerful duo for many users at the turn of the century. While by today's standards they wouldn't be ideal for heavy duty tasks, they were a great combination for mobile productivity.


  • A suite that included word processing, spreadsheet, and database functionalities all in one program.
  • Perfect for everyday tasks like writing documents, creating budgets, and managing contacts.
  • Didn't require a ton of processing power, which made it ideal for the PowerBook G3 Pismo.

Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo:

  • The last iteration of the PowerBook G3 line.
  • Praised for its portability compared to desktops at the time.
  • Offered a good balance of performance and battery life, making it suitable for working on the go with AppleWorks.
  • Had two optical drive bays, allowing users to swap between a CD-ROM drive, a DVD drive, or even a second battery for extended use. This flexibility was perfect for users who needed to work with different media types or prioritize longer work sessions.