The parts

The Raspberry Pi ordered by Farnell UK and Allied Electronics USA.

A Lego Pizza Planet Truck. 

Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo Andy's room - 1






Additional Lego Bricks: 

Raspberry Pi Projekt - 07 

So I am sometimes lazy and didn't want to figure it out myself which ones I need, I ordered a set in the UK at The idea is, for starters to build the case for the raspberry and later if anything is running to merge it with the Pizza Planet Truck. If figured out, which parts exactly needed then, switch to yellow bricks to fit the Color of the truck.



Cables as HDMI and Mini USB Power. For power supply I will try a Apple iPhone/iPad USB Charger. An of course a SD Card with an operating System. Here first I will start with the XMBC Media Center.

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