📸💻 Exploring Vintage Apple Tech: RAM Modules for iBook G3 vs. PowerBook G4 ✨

 📸💻 Exploring Vintage Apple Tech: RAM Modules for iBook G3 vs. PowerBook G4 ✨

Hey, tech enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into the world of classic Mac laptops and talk about the RAM modules for the iBook G3 and the PowerBook G4. 🚀

 **iBook G3 RAM**: The iBook G3, known for its colorful design and compact form factor, typically used PC100 SDRAM modules. These were available in capacities ranging from 64MB to 512MB. While not as powerful as later models, the iBook G3 was a pioneer in portable computing.

🚀 **PowerBook G4 RAM**: Moving up the ladder, the PowerBook G4 was a powerhouse in its era, known for its sleek aluminum body and impressive performance. It utilized DDR SDRAM modules, offering faster speeds and higher capacities compared to its predecessor. The PowerBook G4 supported DDR RAM ranging from 256MB to 1GB or even 2GB in some later models, enabling smoother multitasking and better overall performance.

🔄 **Key Differences**:
1. **RAM Type**: iBook G3 used PC100 SDRAM, while PowerBook G4 utilized DDR SDRAM, offering faster data transfer rates.
2. **Capacity**: PowerBook G4 supported higher RAM capacities, allowing for more demanding tasks and applications.
3. **Performance**: With DDR SDRAM and higher capacities, the PowerBook G4 boasted superior performance compared to the iBook G3, making it a preferred choice for power users and professionals.

💭 **Final Thoughts**: Whether you're a fan of the charming iBook G3 or the robust PowerBook G4, both represent milestones in Apple's laptop history. Understanding the differences in their RAM modules sheds light on the evolution of portable computing.

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