From chunky PowerBooks to sleek MacBooks: A glow-up! ✨

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From chunky PowerBooks to sleek MacBooks: A glow-up! ✨

Remember those old PowerBooks? Built like tanks with their titanium or aluminum shells, they could survive anything...including maybe a small explosion. They were workhorses, but let’s be honest, a bit on the bulky side. Plus, you could tinker with the insides to boost their power, kind of like a souped-up bicycle. They had CD/DVD drives, a row of function keys for shortcuts, and a trackpad with a clicky button in the middle.

Then came the MacBooks in 2008. Bam! Forget clunky, these were all about sleek. Apple carved the entire body out of a single block of aluminum, making them thinner, lighter, and way more stylish. They sacrificed some of that upgradeability under the hood for a slimmer design and better cooling. The trackpad got a makeover too, becoming bigger and ditching the clicky button for fancy gestures. They also started ditching the CD/DVD drives as everyone went digital.

The move to unibody MacBooks was all about looks, lightness, and top-notch build quality. Sure, you couldn’t tinker with them as much, but they were like the cool kid who also got straight A’s. And hey, that sleek design is still a signature of Apple laptops today.

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